Jackson Ahmir Vines, a native of Winston-Salem, NC, is more than just another young artist. At the age of 19, this upcoming hip-hop phenomenon made history as the first transgender male hip-hop artist to sign. Under the leadership of Suge J. Knight Jr.’s “Overknight Entertainment” AMET Ricky is breaking down barriers for the LGBT community. As an artist, AMET Ricky’s style captivates all audiences. Inspired by artists such as Lauryn Hill, Tupac, and Common, he continues to bring a sound that is innovative and refreshing to modern hip hop. Along with his musical abilities, Ricky is known for being an advocate for the LGBTQ community, a songwriter, model, and actor. AMET Ricky adds an unique style and sense of diversity to the music industry. With a fan base consisting of both the LGBT community as well as the hip-hop community, Ricky will not grow into a respectable icon in the entertainment industry, but wants to unify these different cultures with his music. “We live in a society where my life, being a black transgender male makes myself and many others like me a target. I’m not a transgender artist, I’m an artist who happens to be transgender. I’m just the voice of many who are forced to be silent”.

As of now he has been nominated for two awards, one for best Indie Female Hip Hop at the Women In Charge Awards held in Atlanta,GA, and also for the Young Artist Spotlight Award at the SCM Awards held in Memphis, TN. He also won an award for being one of the Best International Hip-Hop and R&B Songwriters by the ISM. His upcoming EP “LxVE” is set to release this summer.