Over knight entertainment

17359490_10208864554793488_9053889979097765516_oKnown for being the voice of his father, Suge Jacob Knight is our new millennial mogul. Suge Jacob story goes far back into 2011 when he attended Crenshaw High School. He went under his middle name Jacob to separate the shadow of his father while being recruited by three top Ivy league schools. Harvard, Yale, and Dartmouth; they all had an eye for the Knight.  Unfortunately, because the offers were only verbal, Suge had to end his football career earlier than expected. He ended up getting an academic scholarship to Fisk University located in music city Nashville, Tennessee. Fisk was the birth of Suge’s  involvement  with the entertainment industry. He formed a rap group called “Dorm Life” that caught notice really quick down in Nashville. In the group was his himself with his dorm mates Jalil, Jamal, Fig, and Zay. Bound to be the next big thing, Dorm Life had to come to an end. Suge was forced to leave the school because of the death threats his family were getting back home in Los Angeles. Now a college dropout, Suge Jacob took the bill gates route. Becoming his own entrepreneur by building his label OverKnight Entrainment; OKE is also Suge Jacob’s music consulting agency. His mission is to discover talent that wants the fair shot and the right person behind them. Only 21, the young man is definitely walking in the footstep of his father. 

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